Optimum SmartGIS

The geographic information system Optimum SmartGIS consists of a server part, which provides automatic route planning for the delivery of goods and satellite monitoring, as well as a mobile application for the driver (forwarder).

Situational center based on Optimum SmartGIS solutions

The system is capable of calculating routes for a fleet of several hundred vehicles in a matter of minutes, taking into account the road situation, type of vehicle, carrying capacity, body volume, cost of the flight, delivery windows (40+ calculation parameters), monitor the location and condition of the cargo, warn the dispatcher about emergency situations on the route. Also, on the basis of the system, solutions have been developed for route planning and monitoring of mobile personnel.

The Optimum system is included in the Unified Register of Russian Programs for Electronic Computers and Databases of the Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation.


  • Reducing transportation costs by an average of 25-30%
  • Reduction of route planning time by at least 3-10 times
  • Increase in average utilization by 10-15%
  • Shortening routes
  • Reducing fuel consumption by 20-30%

OPTIMUM GIS has not only established itself as the best-in-class solution, but also proved its effectiveness in practice!

Zlenko T.V., National Direct Distribution Manager, SUN InBev JSC


  • Automatic and manual calculation of the optimal routes for transport and mobile personnel.
  • Satellite control of the location and movement of vehicles and mobile personnel.
  • Sensor monitoring (temperature, fuel level, CAN bus, etc.).
  • Providing the driver (freight forwarder) with the necessary information about the route, cargo, etc.

Key benefits

Own multi-parameter engine for calculating routes in automatic and manual modes.
Own map service based on the OpenStreetMap project.
Cartography of other manufacturers include Ingit, Yandex.Maps, Google Maps, OSM (MapQuest), 2GIS, Navikom, CityGuide, HERE.
Support for geographically distributed projects (hierarchical directories, access rights, data delimitation, with a single database and analytics).
Calculation and control of routes for branches from a single center
Unique algorithms for processing satellite data (smoothing, filtering emissions, parking, fake data).
Mobile application of the driver (freight forwarder) with support for Android, and the Aurora Russian mobile OS
The ability to install the entire complex at the client's site without elements in the "cloud" according to corporate security requirements, including a cartographic engine.
The use of AI algorithms (neural networks) in the processing and analysis of data on sensors-drivers-cars (having our own ML practice).
Working IoT blocks as part of a monitoring system (for example, the use of temperature sensors in PepsiCo refrigerators).
The server side of the software provides for work in the "Situation Center" mode on several large screens with the output of different information.

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