Supervisor mobile app

The mobile application is designed to manage a team of sales representatives on the territory.

Key features

  • Setting tasks for sales representatives and merchandisers.
  • Viewing and scheduling work.
  • Checking the work of employees at the point of sale in real time.
  • Analysis and assessment of the quality of work.
  • Training and knowledge testing.
  • Acting as a sales representative / merchandiser, if necessary.
  • Acting as a supervisor at the level of the head / regional office of the geographically distributed organizational structure of the company.
Supervisor mobile app Supervisor mobile app Supervisor mobile app

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Digital transformation of business processes, carried out by CDC Group specialists, helped DIXY expand sales channels, increase the productivity of sales representatives and supervisors, freight forwarders, control revenue and issue checks for each mobile checkout online, and increase customer satisfaction DIXY Group.
E. N. Kizilov, Head of GT DIXY
Продукты Supervisor mobile app Продукты Supervisor mobile app

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