Sales Force Automation

Hardware and software solutions are designed for FMCG manufacturers and retail chains that automate the processes of collecting orders (pre selling), merchandising with the possibility of automatic recognition of goods on the shelves by artificial intelligence, trading "on wheels" (van selling), control of distributors (branches).

Solutions based on the Optimum Platform allow you to increase sales efficiency, quickly receive information for making management decisions, provide management access to any information about sales, and make it easy to deploy complex, geographically distributed systems.

The solutions are developed on the basis of the Optimum SmartTrading system of the SFA (Sales Force Automation) class, they can work in a complex or separately, depending on the goals of the customer.

Key Benefits

Automatic receipt by the manufacturer of FMCG data from distributors through integration with any types of information accounting systems.
The presence in the mobile device of a sales representative to complete information about the product, customer, sales history, warehouse balances, discounts, routes.
Work of a mobile employee according to a script (step-by-step execution of operations).
Timely receipt of orders to retail outlets and prompt shipment of goods from the warehouse.
Route optimization, satellite monitoring of the route passing, control of the time of operations at the point of sale.
Using artificial intelligence to analyze planograms, price tags, promotional materials (POSM).
Reducing the number of operators for entering information and the associated costs.
Increased sales and margins while significantly reducing operating costs.
Fast scaling of solutions for expanding functionality and connecting distributors (branches, retail outlets) regardless of the territory.
Lossless data transmission via GSM / GPRS, 3G / 4G / 5G, Wi-Fi, etc.

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Optimum SmartTrading (Sales Force Automation)
Digital transformation of business processes, carried out by CDC Group specialists, helped DIXY expand sales channels, increase the productivity of sales representatives and supervisors, freight forwarders, control revenue and issue checks for each mobile checkout online, and increase customer satisfaction DIXY Group.
E. N. Kizilov, Head of GT DIXY
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