AI. Shelf Recognition and Price Tags Analysis

A solution that uses mobile machine vision for instant recognition of shelves and layout, as well as price tags.

SmartLook Engine is an mobile library (recognition engine), which can be used as an embedded recognition solution for any mobile application working on Android and iOS devices. It is the first of its kind, capable of performing delayed image recognition directly on a user's phone or tablet without the need for processing images in the cloud or an internet connection.

  • Retail Space Audit. Instantly compare display of goods to the planogram.
  • Shelf Share Analysis. Dynamic analysis of shelf share right in the store.
  • Price Monitoring. In place analysis of the competitors prices.
  • Product Range Audit. Identify nonconformities in product range and the correct measures for fixing them.
  • Reporting. Automated reporting on selected metrics.
  • Trend Analysis. Analyze sales trends by product type, shop and time period.
  • Representation. Analyze product availability in store in seconds.
  • POSM Audits. Audit point-of-purchase materials for availability and relevance.

The solution works offline, no expensive servers, no Internet, no expensive training.

Photos of several shelves are automatically "stitching together", and the analysis is performed instantly on these photos, just like on a single recognition object.

The system provides a list of necessary actions instantly to correct the layout

Key features

  • Automatic recognition of goods, price tags and POSM by photo in the merchandiser's phone (offline).
  • Immediately available recommendations for laying out and replacing price tags.
  • Automatic filling of key performance indicators of work with a retail outlet in real time: assortment matrix, prices, promotions, planograms, shelf share, competitors' activity.
  • Automatic generation of merchandiser reports.
  • Identifying competitors’ goods on the shelf for similar products.
  • Control of compliance with the matrix of goods.
  • Tracking shelf share.
  • Re-ordering the missing item.

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Optimum SmartLook Engine
This tool has a number of unquestionable advantages. For example, the time spent by agents at the outlet reduced by 25%, and the number of visits increased. Our company has obtained a very efficient tool for collecting key data from the market.
Mikhail Zdrok, Director for integration and transformation, MARS Kazakhstan
Продукты AI. Shelf Recognition and Price Tags Analysis Продукты AI. Shelf Recognition and Price Tags Analysis

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