AI. Quality Control in Production

A solution that uses computer vision (artificial intelligence) on mobile or stationary devices to check the quality of products on the assembly line and in other industries.

Two options for implementation

1) Mobile solution: rugged secure data terminals

2) Stationary solution: machine vision cameras.


  • Reduction of financial losses by minimizing the amount of defects entering the assembly shops.
  • Reduction of time costs for replacement and / or overproduction of the unit.
  • Minimization of the human factor during the inspection.
  • Timely notification of responsible personnel.
  • Optimization of the production process and reduction of the number of defects, with the collected statistics.

Key features

  • Control of the installation of tools and workpieces, processing of parts; identification of defects in the assembly of products.
  • Control of the product layout in accordance with the flow chart (presence of rivets, bolts, open technological holes, geometry of protruding parts and fasteners, etc.).
  • Automatic notification of responsible personnel in case of deviations from the standards.
  • Identification and reporting of specific cases of non-compliance.
  • Collecting statistics of the most frequent deviations.
  • Taking readings of analog measuring instruments.
  • Preliminary flaw detection of tools, parts, assemblies, assembly units.
  • Monitoring compliance with safety measures: the presence of helmets, being in the restricted area, etc.

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This tool has a number of unquestionable advantages. For example, the time spent by agents at the outlet reduced by 25%, and the number of visits increased. Our company has obtained a very efficient tool for collecting key data from the market.
Mikhail Zdrok, Director for integration and transformation, MARS Kazakhstan
Продукты AI. Quality Control in Production Продукты AI. Quality Control in Production

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