Optimum SmartTrading (Sales Force Automation)

Optimum SmartTrading (Sales Force Automation System) is designed to manage such activities as collecting orders (pre selling, pre-order), selling from wheels (van selling), merchandising with the possibility of automatic recognition of goods on the shelves (artificial intelligence).

Optimum SmartTrading (SFA) allows you to increase sales efficiency, promptly receive information for making management decisions, provides management access to any information about sales, makes it easy to deploy complex, geographically distributed distribution systems.

Optimum SmartTrading (SFA) is the new name of the Optimum ASUMT (Automated Mobile Trade Management System) system included in the Unified Register of Russian Programs for Electronic Computers and Databases of the Ministry of Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation.


Digital transformation of business processes, carried out by CDC Group specialists, helped DIXY expand sales channels, increase the productivity of sales representatives and supervisors, freight forwarders, control revenue and issue checks for each mobile checkout online, and increase customer satisfaction DIXY Group.

E. N. Kizilov, Head of GT DIXY


  • Obtaining timely reliable information and analyzing data on the activities of distributors (branches).
  • Increase in labor productivity and quality of sales.
  • Optimization of stock balance in the warehouse.
  • Reducing the time of receipt and processing of orders.
  • Strengthening control over the activities of mobile personnel.
  • Reducing the cost of maintaining office jobs.
  • Automatic execution of basic operations at the point of sale.
  • Reducing the number of errors when filling out documents.
  • Using the remote method of work.

Key benefits

Automatic execution of basic operations: calculating the cost of an order, taking into account the nuances of pricing for a particular outlet and automatically creating "recommended" orders based on real and recommended balances at the outlet, etc.
Optimization of stock balances in the warehouse due to timely receipt of orders and prompt shipment of goods.
Optimization of the routes of sales representatives and strengthening control over their activities, incl. due to satellite monitoring.
Cascading sales target management from senior management to sales representative or point of sale.
Reducing the time spent on merchandising processes, including through the possibility of automatic recognition and analysis using artificial intelligence technologies.

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