Collecting orders (Pre Selling)

A mobile solution for automating the work of a sales representative to collect orders (pre selling).

Key features

  • View a list of scheduled visits.
  • View detailed information on clients.
  • Viewing plans.
  • Execution of the script of work.
  • Control of receivables.
  • Keeping sales history.
  • Viewing information about the balances in warehouses.
  • Automatic generation of the recommended order according to the approved algorithm.
  • Automatic calculation of discounts with control of the minimum price.
  • Formation of invoices, registration of payments.
  • Transmission of coordinates of the current location and movement along the route.
  • Formation of reports.
Collecting orders (Pre Selling) Collecting orders (Pre Selling) Collecting orders (Pre Selling)

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Digital transformation of business processes, carried out by CDC Group specialists, helped DIXY expand sales channels, increase the productivity of sales representatives and supervisors, freight forwarders, control revenue and issue checks for each mobile checkout online, and increase customer satisfaction DIXY Group.
E. N. Kizilov, Head of GT DIXY
Продукты Collecting orders (Pre Selling) Продукты Collecting orders (Pre Selling)

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