Planning Routes and Monitoring Armored Vehicles Operated by Alfa-Bank’s Cash Collection Service

Planning Routes and Monitoring Armored Vehicles Operated by Alfa-Bank’s Cash Collection Service

The geoinformation system of the CDC Group is successfully operated by Alfa-Bank, Russia’s largest private banking institution.

As early as in 2011, driven by the growing number of clients that use cash collection services, Alfa-Bank conducted a tender to implement solutions for planning routes and monitoring cash-collection crews. At the tender, Optimum GIS (geoinformation system) offered by CDC was selected.

The system implemented at Alfa-Bank that was developed on the basis of the unified program platform consists of the modules for routing (Optimum GIS Delivery) and monitoring of movement of vehicles and control of their technical parameters (Optimum GIS Monitoring). The project involves about 200 crews the routes for which are generated automatically using data on the operation schedule and requests for cash-collection services. All armored vehicles are equipped with trackers that receive signals from satellite navigation systems GPS and GLONASS and built-in cellular communications modules. Each tracker sends to Optimum GIS coordinates of the vehicle as well as data on fuel consumption, mileage, and other parameters obtained from the CAN bus. The system allows monitoring deviations from the route, events when the alarm button was pushed, and other emergency situations.

Owing to CDC specialists’ competence and expertise, the company was able to integrate, within the shortest time possible, Optimum GIS with Alfa-Bank’s corporate information system, the software/hardware facility of the cash processing center, says Natalya Makarova, director for cash-collection services of Alfa-Bank. After start of Optimum GIS productive operations the Bank has also reduced transportation costs and boosted efficiency of dispatchers and crews.

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